Howie Liu
I got this customer is looking to install a metal roof. I am running into a little situation where a 3/12 pitch metal roof that is parallel with another stucco wall. usually if it is shingle, we can use step flashing. but wondering if we can do the same thing with metal, however over here in winnipeg we do get pretty heavy snowfall during winter time. So can anyone give me some suggestion on what will be the best solution on the flashing? will a in-wall flashing work, where i can cut into the stucco, or i should just bend a piece of nail on flashing by hammertac it on to the gable wall? Thanks in advance Howie
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would try to cut into the stucco. If this cannot be done, then I would suggest bringing the flashing up the wall, sealing it, bending a trough at the top for sealant, using a good butyl sealant, and then putting a terminator bar across it to hold it in place, again sealing it.
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