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I just had a new Metroshake roof installed. The roofer did a complete tear-off and intalled new underlayment. While installing the battens the roofers put holes in the new underlayment. I counted about six heel sized crescent shaped tears looking inside the garage and looking through the attic access cover. These were the only two locations that are easy to inpsect. The roofer put some caulk over the tears and put the foil face fiberglass over it. He said it's not a problem since the metal roof is water barrier. Should I go along with this or have him patch the felt? If he should patch it, what is the correct method?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The method you describe which was used to repair the felt sounds reasonable, provided it was done well. However, I will say that I feel you should address this question to Metro Roof Products, the manufacturer of Metroshake. Metro's primary representative to MRA is Pete Croft, [email protected]
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