Lenard Farr
I have a painted standing seam roof that is being put on my roof. The roofers while installing the boots around the water vent pipes drilled holes to install the boots. They did not clean off the shavings of metal and now there are rust spots all around the vent pipes and down the panel itself. I tried to get them off but they will not come off. The roofer said that they are going to try to get them off but if they don't come off it's ok because they will just rust away after a years time without harming the painted surface. He said that if it was just galvalume that it would be a problem but because it is paint on top of galvalume that it will be ok. What do you think?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Oftentimes these shavings melt their way into the paint system and can cause a pretty major problem. I have heard that SoftScrub can be a good way to clean these off. If they can be cleaned off and the paint looks good underneath it may be okay. I would encourage the contractor to go back to whoever is warrantying the panels and paint system and solicit their input on this.
Guest User
I did end up contacting the metal company Union Corrugating Company. My metal is Kynar 500 series, Marine green. I paid alot for the lifetime warranty and do not want to end up with junk! So I thought that I better give them a call myself. The head engineer informed me that the roofer needs to get the rusting metal off. I called the roofer right away and he is not too concerned about it and has not cleaned it off yet. I am disabled so I had my wife go up and try to clean it off. She said that it is not coming off very easy and even when the metal that is embedded comes off it leaves the rust still there. Union Corrugating said not to use any type of abrasive or harsh cleaner. Can you think of anything else to use besides softscrub? Could I send you some pictures so you can see how bad it is.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
You can email pictures to me at [email protected] Union does have some regional reps ... they are a good company ... perhaps see if they have someone who can come look at it.
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