Metal roofing plus LP Techshield radiant barrier sheather -- added benefit?

Bill Settlemyer
Techshield and metal roofing - combined benefit?
We are building a house using a local custom builder. At our request, they have already installed LP TechShield radiant barrier sheathing to keep our house and attic spaces cooler. The original specs call for black asphalt shingles, but we're wondering how much additional benefit in terms of energy savings we might achieve by changing to a metal roof over the TechShield product. The TechShield spec sheets show this material can be used with metal roofs. Any advice or thoughts on this question would be greatly appreciated.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Metal roofing with "cool roof" paint technology will probably reflect considerably more of the solar energy back into the atmosphere than asphalt shingles. This and the ability to lathe the roof surface to provide a minimum 3/4" air gap between the roof deck and the metal panels/metal shingles will provide a much cooler attic. The idea is to allow air to flow between the roof deck and the metal roof, which has been proven by Oak Ridge National Labs to significantly reduce the roof deck temperature. This is accomplished by allowing air intake at the eave and exhaust at the ridge. As the air flows between the metal roof and the wood deck, it reduces the temperature at the deck.
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