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We have a metal roof on a 12 year old house. The ridge cap appears to have pieces of foam stuffed under the opening. Some of the foam has aged and is falling out. This year I have had a terrible infestation of mice in the attic- and at dusk, I have noticed mice running down the exterior stucco walls of the house( from metal roof to deck). Could mice be accessing the roof from the gaps below the ridge cap? What would you use to mouse proof the gap, yet still allow for some ventilation?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
It's possible that the mice have chewed into the foam and are entering the house from the ridge. You don't say what panel profile you have. Some panel manufacturers have die-formed ridge caps and/or metal closures for some of their panel profiles. There are details that will allow for metal closures to be used and still offer ridge ventilation. If you know the manufacturer of the panels, you can contact them.
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