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i have a few questions about metal roofing you say that in hot weather the roof will keep from /expel sun ray's in the hot summer since the temps can run in excess of 100degrees for 10-15 days at a time that is good.... the temps can also go down to 0 in winter how will this affect heating??????? i also am looking at installing solar panels so would the granular or painted be the best choice???? also this is a small house 800sq.ft. one ridge and doese metal roofing come with a ridge vent or do i have to go back to the other type??
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Traditional PV panels can be in stalled on any metal roof regardless of coating. Most metal roofs will have an option for ridge vent. Winter efficiency is achieved through insulation on top of your ceilings. The roof has little impact in most construction methods.
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