Flashing where a full dormer and steeped pitch upper roof meet a lower roof

Mark Harvey
Hello everyone, I apologize if this question has already been addressed, I looked for a solution for an hour in the forum and could not find one. The situation is: I am putting a metal roof (American Building Components Imperial Rib) on my Cape Cod. The roof is over a porch that has been transformed into a living space. The roof meets a the vertical wall of a full dormer and also extends on both sides of the dormer to meet the steep pitch of the natural slope of the roof. I cannot figure out how the flashing all comes together where the full dormer, lower roof, and the pitched roof all meet on both sides of the dormer. The area on both sides of the dormer is about fifteen inches wider and about another 10 inches longer than the roof in front of the dormer. I'm not sure how the rake, lower gambrel, and end wall flashing should be layered or how to install the flashing from the steep pitch roof (Lower Gambrel) around the vertical side wall of the dormer to the front of the dormer (Endwall Flashing). Thanks for your time and help, Mark
Wade Matthews
Roof it with metal-Roof it to last
Mark, E-mail me a picture and I will tell you how to do it and will draw it out if you need it. Wade Mathews [email protected]
Guest User
please tell me how to put metal roofing on around the dormers of my cape cod style house. thanks tony [email protected]
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