Mark Renfrow
I am replacing my shake roof. I am considering the shake look metal products, specifically Gerard. I intend to strip the roof down to the lath and then deck. The data that I have seen puts a huge percentage of attic heat gain in Texas down to radiative heating. Conductive and convection are small in comparison. I understand there will be an air gap under the shingle. The contractor intimated that the aluminum in this product is in fact a radiant barrier yet the factory wont confirm that nor have they tested the product for radiative heat reflectivity. Given that, I want a radiant barrier. If I use it on the attic side of the decking then 50% will be sandwiched between the deck and battens. If I flip it over the radiant barrier will be directly under the felt. Is the best option to put down the battens for the metal shingles, then cover with radiant barrier? Will it cook the shingle or void my warranty? Or should I just forget trying to integrate the barrier with the roof installation and just apply it in the attic underneath the finished roof?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You should contact the metal shingle manufacturer for information concerning their warranty. I have radiant barrier insulation under the roof of my house and it seems to work quite well. It is fastened to the bottom of the roof joists, providing a dead air space. I live in Houston.
Guest User
I tried that but they seem pretty wishy washy on radiant barrier. Maybe I just need another manufacturer that understands the green issues and the best way to make the coolest roof, rather than just capable on advising how their roof installs. I looked through this forum and saw similar kinds of answers to similar questions. It just seems to be up to us homeowners to sort through all the data and take a guess. The manufacturers, and I guess ORNL, just aren't testing the various combinations of radiant barrier installation.
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