Neoprene screws "backing out" of metal roof

Joanie F
Hello and thank you in advance to any advice. We had a metal roof installed about 5 years ago. Within the last year or so, we are noticing that the neoprene screws are coming loose and it appears like they are actually "backing out" of their holes. Of course, we have tiny leaks in those areas too. My husband has screwed them back and put a sealant around them. I am wondering if we are doing the right thing or if there is a better way to to this.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
This happens occasionally, due to various reasons. The installer may have over torqued the screws during installation, which tears the wood fibers, leaving the screws slightly loose. If the panels are long enough to experience a fair amount of thermal movement, this can cause the fasteners to back out over time. OSB decks tend to exibit this issue more than plywood, though fasteners can be over torqued in plywood as well. Try some urethane caulk, available at most comapnies that sell metal roofing. Remove the fastener, apply a small amount of urethane into the hole and reinstall the screw. When the urethane cures, it typically has a strong enough bond to hold the fastener in place. You will want to try to find urethane in a color that matches your roof as closely as possible so it doesn't show up from the ground if some oozes out from around the screw when you reinstall it.
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