Flashing solar panel racking standoffs

Daniel Moyer
What would be the best flashing technique for solar electric racking standoffs that penetrate a standing seam metal roof? In addition, does anyone know how well S5! clamps hold up? I'm not sure I trust them on the standing seam roofs. I just don't know if they'll hold or the roof clips holding down the vertical roof panels will hold since they are only attached to the decking. I'm inclined to penetrate the roof, but then I have to deal with sealing the penetrations. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have had good experience with the S5! Clamps and believe they are the best choice for mounting panels to standing seam.
Guest User
I think the question is how well is the roof attached to the building. The s-5 holds to the roof nicely but will it rip the roof off in a wind storm. If you don't use s-5 I recommend using 4" fast jack stand offs with a deck tight flashing. The base of stand off is small enough to fit under the smallest flashing I believe it is the 1/4" - 2" gray flashing. Some people like to use buhtal tape on the bottom of the stand off instead of a flashing It will probably be fine. but not the highest quality
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