metal roof over an inground pool

lori lambertsen
we currently are in need of replacing the existing Polycarbonate roofing on the Pool enclosure. This is a metal framed building that originally had fiberglass panels to keep out leaves, branches etc and help keep a constant temperature in the pool. The house blocks most of the available sunlight to the pool enclosure. We replaced the roof 5 years ago due to a tree from our neighbor falling onto the structure. We could not find fiberglass so we chose Polycarbonate. We regret this decision. 5 years later and the roof has many small holes (we had a hail storm a couple of weeks ago) and about 10 larger holes due to small limbs from the surrounding trees falling and cracking the roof or punching a hole. We are now thinking we should have went metal, or at least partial metal a long time ago. My question to you is do you think it would be a good idea to do so? We were looking at some 26 gauge metal sheets (I think they are called 5 V). The structure is such that we would simply lay 4 metal sheets per section, overlapping each by 2 inches. The sections are 8 feet wide. We would screw these to the existing metal framed structure. What recommendations do you have with the type of material to use? Chlorine is not being used in the pool. What would be the lifespan of metal? There are 6 sections on each side of the roof. We were thinking to allow some light into the pool house to install 3 metal sheets and one Polycarb (doubled) clear sheet every other section on the front and alternating sections on the back. Does this sound feasible?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Lori, I am very sorry ... this is a pretty complex question with lots of variabilities and lots more information I'd need to know before answering, though you have provided great detail. I would highly encourage you to find a roofing product that you like, and contact its manufacturer to talk through these questions. If that is not possible, please call me at my office sometime and we will talk through them. 1-800-543-8938 ext 201
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