Mike Thomson
We are going to re roof our 2,000 sq ft roof with 26ga white centuey drain metal. will remove existing shingels and repair any bad decking. Hurricane Ike damage. Put down 30 pound roll felt. Strip out with 16 gauge 1 1/2" tall galvanized hat sections on two foot centers before installing panels. Our turbin vent doesn't work. Will cut a gap between the rafters to create a ridge vent. Use roll vent on top of panels at ridge before placing ridge trim. Our plan is to spray about 6 inch of recycled paper insulation on attic floor over old insulation. Will use something to keep the insulation from covering the soffit vents. Should I drape a thin radiant insulation over the 1 1/2" tall hat sections before installing the panels. We really want to address the heat/moisture build up in the attic. I've listened to the am talk shows and havent heard a good solution. What would you do to insulate the attic. I want to address the roof as a complete system.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Reeally, if you go with a white roof you will have total solar reflectivity of about 60 percent ... I do not think a radiant barrier will help much above that.
Aaron Scurlock
The Best in Polymer Roofing Soutions
If you want a conditioned or semi- conditioned air space in the attic, SPF.
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