I have an 1982 mobile home and I would like to know how do i replace my metal roof over the existing roof with the 5 v crimp metal/tin any help is greatly appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This can be difficult if the current roof is very low pitch. I would suggest seeking out a local contractor who is experienced in this area.
Wade Matthews
Roof it with metal-Roof it to last
Charlene, Your metal roof is probably a very thin metal rolled over the trusses and seamed. We have re-roofed several mobile homes that were constructed in this manner. We install horizontal battens (1x4's)over the existing roof and then install a new metal roof over this. Of course everything is trimmed and flashed to make the job right. I would use a U-panel before I would a 5 vee. We put the battens on 2 foot centers and the 5 vee is too easy to crinkle if you make a misstep and do not step on the purlin. Also, the U-panel does not oil can as bad as the 5 vee. Wade
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade.
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