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With our TAMKO Metalworks Astonwood shingles we are experiencing a situation whereby water runoff from the roof doesnot kick off the drip edge of the starters, but rather rolls back onto and down the trim fascia of the building. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has a similar experience; and what can be done about it. If anyone else has had a similar experience, what has been the manufacturer's response? Thank you for any input
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is not unusual with all roofing and all drip edges, especially if the eave is facing a predominate wind that wants to blow water back against the fascia. Guetters are one option. Unfortunately with metal roofing because dirt tens to wash off the roof rather than stay on the roof and leave streaks and stains, this can streak white fascias. One option also is to cover the fascias with Kynar coated coilstock to make them resistant to dirt as well.
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Thank you, Todd, for your reply. Our experience with gutters is that in winter here in Vermont the heavy snow slides drag them off their mounts. The idea of Kynar coated coilstock is one worth looking into, albeit an expensive addition to an already expensive roofing project. We are also experimenting with an addition of a longer and more angled drip edge. Do you have any further thoughts on this approach? Thanks again for your help. Louise
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