Sample Photos of Split Level Homes with metal roof

tom fruehstorfer
I'm considering standing seam metal roof for my 1960's split level. I've been looking without luck for photos of similar homes with metal roofs. Where might I find pictures of homes similar to mine? Do you have any thought to what this might do to resale value if no other similar homes in the area were roofed with metal roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest if you cannot find photos on the gallery on this site that you look for products you like and then contact individual manufacturers to see what they can provide. Generally metal roofing restores the home value that an aged roof takes away. It also adds value due to its permanence and energy efficiency. Also, its durability ends the up and down cycle of home value and roof deterioration.
Guest User
I've tried the manufacturer web sites I found on google searches. I've called two manufacturers. I also called one installation contractor who was linked to a standing seam metal roof site and he tried to talk me out of metal and into asphalt shingles because he thought it would hurt the value of my home becaue it would be different from the other homes in my neighborhood. I want the steel roof for the "cool" properties and I think it would look ok, but I want to be sure before a huge investment. I'm thinking I may need to resort to computer programs to show me what it will look like. The fact that I can't find pictures anywhere worries me. I don't mind being out of the norm if it is the right thing to do (I drive a Smart car and hyrid Escape), but I don't want to be a total idiot.
Guest User
Did you ever get an answer or choose a metal product? I am in the same boat right now and cannot find any pics. Feel free to email me at [email protected]
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