Proper metal roof flashing

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I would like to see some pictures of what proper metal roof flashing looks like when it is installed on a metal roof. What is code for our geographical location or does that matter? Does the flashing fit under the metal roof, if so how far? Does the flashing extend down underneath the soffits or is it nailed down on top of the soffits? Really would like an experts advice and some pictures of properly installed flashing. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Wow. It depends entirely upon what type of metal roof is being installed. They all have different flashing methods. There should be a drip edge on top of the fascia. I suggest a valley that is designed so as to not clog with tree leaves, needles, or ice and snow. Wall flashings if possible should go behind the wall covering. There are many great pictures on this webiste showing various flashings. Email me at [email protected] to let me know more specifically what you are seeking (type of roof panel, type of flashings) and why. Thanks.
Guest User
Thank you Todd. I will email you with more specifics.
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