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I have a question about a design I have been working on and what the proper metal roof product would be. This is essentially a rectangular building that I would like to use an inverted low sloped roof on (IE: in a "V" shape). I would have a built in trough gutter at the low point, with the gutter sloped to the edges @ 3/16" per foot, approx 8" wide by 4" deep gutter. I would also like to slope the roof at a 2:12 slope, but could go up to 3:12 if need be. My thinking was that thawing and re-freezing would not be an issue in such a design because the low point of the roof is above the heated space, not an overhang. The first question...Is this a crazy idea, or if properly flashed can it work? The second is what type of metal roof would you suggest. Because it is a 2:12 slope I think it needs to be standing seam, are snap together seams better or something else? Thanks for your help
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Handling the gutter trough and keeping it watertight would be up to you. The roof, though, could be done this way. For roofs of less than 2:12 you will need a mechanical seam standing seam rather than a snaplock.
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