gary steward
I had a 16x12 cabin with metal roof built for me in Maine last fall and put on my property in Quebec. I am in the process of insulating this cabin to be used while building my retirement home. It will be mostly vacant in the winter but will require insulating for occasional visits. I am at 2100 feet in the Appalachians with lots of snow. We want to keep the roof exposed from the interior so we don't feel too closed in and I am not sure the best way to insulate up there. I would like to cover any insulation with tongue and groove to match the interior walls. The trusses are 2x4 so we don't have a lot of room to work with. Their are no soffets or any other openings presently - we open the windows for air circulation. What is the best way to go to avoid condensation and get a decent R factor in the roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would definitely advise a vapor barrier behind the ceiling and then above that a minimum airgap of 1" that is per code and really needs intake vents and exhaust vents. Then I would work with your metal roofing manufacturer to see what options are suitable with their product as far as insulation.
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