Condensation in a post & beam with a metal roof

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My husband and I decided when renovating to change our roof from tar and gravel to metal on our post & beam home. We had a contractor and qualified roofer do the job. They built up the roof with 2x4 baffles, sprayed polyurethane foam insulation, added plywood decking, added a torch-on material on the plywood, then added the metal roof. This was all done to code and for the most part, inspected. Unfortunately they were not finished when it was being inspected and our contractor made the decision to not insulate around some inset pot lights that we had installed in a couple of the rooms. A few months later we started to smell metal burning (the lights) Water was dripping from the light fixtures on hot days from the lights closest to the peak of the roof. Our contractor came back and removed the pot lights and replaced them with surface mounted lighting and added insulation in the open spaces. Unfortunately, we are STILL getting the condensation and just as much as before. Our 2nd set of lights are now rusting and we are very concerned about the damage it will cause down the road to the wood. I have talked to the original insulators and they think that our contractor may not have filled the areas completely and have agreed to come back and do it again. Do you think this will fix our problem? We appreciate any input. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry but this is hard to diagnose long distance. Yes, inadequate or improper or incorrect type of insulation could be at fault.
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