sloped fascia, steep roof

Helen Lambert
Is it possible to hang gutters properly (that is, to catch the rain but avoid ice/snow slides) below a steel standing seam roof with a steep pitch (10 or 12 in 12), when there also is a sloped fascia (perpendicular to roof, not ground)? Even using gutter wedges to make the gutter plumb, it seems like the proper height of the gutters is problematic. Also, the standard metal-roof drip edge projects nearly two inches (vertically) below the roof surface, so once the drip edge is in place, access to the upper fascia (to hang the gutter high) will be somewhat restricted. But apparently the roof needs to be installed before the gutters can be hung. Any suggestions much appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The drip edge / starter can be notched or fastened through as necessary ... because the gutters should be hung as high as possible and fastened with brackets into every rafter tail. And yes you will need to have some sort of supports to make up for the sloped fascia. Use a heavy gauge and large gutter.
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