lead flashing and warranty

Helen Lambert
One metal roofing manufacturer’s warranty on finish (Kynar) and metal (Galvalume) explicitly states that the warranty is void if there is any contact with, or runoff from, lead. I believe lead chimney flashing is pretty standard in the Northeast. Is corrosion of metal roofing around or below lead flashing a general problem? Should old but sound lead flashing (both base and counter flashing) around chimneys be removed and replaced with roofing, or some other material, when any new metal roof is installed?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I do suggest replacing it, yes. With matching painted flashing.
Guest User
Thanks very much for your advice. By the way, this same manufacturer, in its online "Construction Details Handbook" (dated 1998) shows chimney flashing of roof metal, but also says "pack with lead" on the top of the flashing that goes up on the chimney!
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