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I have a standing seam metal roof that is probably over 100 years old in parts. It has been painted several times but chips and flakes after 2-3 years. It has been recommended that I have it sandblasted and painted with "omniflex" a rubberized paint primer, and then either a direct to metal paint for color (brick red) or the omniflex colored paint. Any thoughts on this brand, and combining direct to metal w/ elastomeric paint. And... how often should one, in a climate with rain, snow, ice wind and heat have to repaint a roof? It seems that my roof has chipped pretty quickly, maybe the paint was not applied properly. This new system has a 10 year warranty against leaking.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I do not have a lot of long term faith in the elastomerics to prevent leaking but 10 years seems feasible. Recoating them pretty much limits you to more elastomeric I believe. You definitely want to have a clean surface that has as much of the old paint and chips cleaned off as possible before proceeding.
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