charlie keen
I plan to replace a asphalt shingle roof on my shop and side shelters with a metal roof. I will have to remove the shingles and replace some of the OSB underneath because it is rotten because of the leaks. My questions; Do I nail the metal panels directly on the OSB or should I strip it with 1X4's? I would like to be able to walk on it in the future. Also, the lean-to shelters have a different pitch. Therefore the present shingles has a slight turn when they get to the shelters, about 23 degrees. Will it be necessary to use flashing between panels on shop and panels on shelters? With such a slight difference do you think I could just overlap the panels 5-6 inches? I prefer to place the screws on the raised portion of the panels, should I use a longer screw? thanks, charlie
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The panels may bend up a minor pitch change like that. Depends a lot upon the panel you install. Putting down strapping should not be necessary. Check manufacturer instructions. Always put down a layer of underlayment in any event. Metal shingles may be an option as they might handle the pitch change with ease. Your fasteners should penetrate your decking or go into it at least 1".
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