Proper Installation and Flying Gable

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I would like to get your opinion of my new building that I had requested what's called a "Flying Gable" This building has a standard 18" overhang but at the peak it extends out to 36" creating/adding a look I like. My question to you is the proper design of this gable end. If you look at my pictures you will see the water is forced to go down the roof and in my opinion under the metal roofing. Keep in mind there are NO sealers used and the "J" channel goes under the metal roof about 2". Take a look here or you can see the whole project which is a total debacle at
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All i can say is wow, that won't be your only problem
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Oh my god! I hope you are going to have them remove that from your property. You have a big problem on your hands, wish I could help. Tim
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
On flared gables, it is best if you can actually wrap the panel over the gable and receive it into a channel. Frankly that is difficult with a ribbed panel like this though.
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