Metal Roofing on T&G Low Pitch Roof

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I have a 50 year old house with a 2-12 pitch and 2X6 tongue and groove ceiling. We are replacing the tar/travel roof with a metal roof and wanted to insulate from outside, but we are worried about potential moisture problems. What is the best/correct way to insulate? One contractor recommended 30# felt over T&G roof decking, then 2"ISO board, then 30# felt and then metal roofing. There is no air space according to this method and he says it's not necessary. There is no soffit or vent ridge. Do I need at least vent ridge installed? Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I encourage either a vapor barrier or a vented airspace, or both.
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I have similar cabin (50 year old house with a 3-12 pitch and 2X6 tongue and groove ceiling). The house had never had any ridge vent but had ventilation on one side near the peak until rooms were added later; the builder tied in the new rear roof all the way to to the ridge. When this was done, we covered the original vent near the peak as we also added HVAC and assumed the HVAC would be adequate to dry out and cool the small structure. Six years ago a re-roofing job added architectual shingles, ridge vent and two roof vents; all vents are now leaking heavily and there are already soft spots in the plywood. We are considering removing all vents and either going with standing seam, Bitumen, or rubber roofing. Otherwise, we are faced with changing the architecture to raise the pitch.
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