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I am frustratingly builing my own pole barn. My kit was to have no overhang. My trusses arrived with a 10.5" overhand but the metal was correct. This orked out very well for me (I thought) because I was 2" wide on my side walls. I have realized today a new problem that now my ridge cap is almost an inch to narrow at 14". Are ridge caps available in different widths such as 18". Thanks, Chris
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As far as my knowledge to the Metal ridge caps go, down here in the south they Bend our Ridge caps where we buy most our metal roofing material. They have what is called a metal break, and this can be used to bend what ever width is needed to make your ridgecap overlap the metal roof as needed. I am also not sure what the Code is where wver you are but it is suggested, to at least have around 3-4 Inches overlap on each side of the roof. This is to prevent water from being blown in. I hope this helps. Brad Mississippi
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You will probably need to have something custom made out of flat stock.
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