Remove shingles and put felt before metal

Lynn Combs
I just received an estimate for a metal roof with the contractor recommending stripping all layers of shingles (4 layers in some areas and putting 30lb felt down between the structure and metal roof) Is this correct?
Guest User
Yes that would be correct, doing the opposite would probably be against county codes
Guest User
I'm not so sure felt is the way to go, it get's pretty hot under the metal and would guess there might be some adheasion if the panel sits directly on the metal.
Guest User
Well I've never heard of the felt sticking to the panels,felt is used all the time rusty. But if your not comfortable with that use grace triflex or some other synethtic underlayment.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The synthetics are good in that they act both as an underlayment and as a vapor barrier.
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