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Hello. I live in Albany, NY and I am thinking about having a steel roof put on my house. The existing roof is covered with asphalt shingles and I have read that the metal roof can be installed directly over (no need to remove the shingles). Can anyone tell me what I might expect to pay per square foot for a metal roof? I would like something that does not show the nails. Thanks very much.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Danny, Thanks for the question and thanks for considering a metal roof. The Metal Roofing Alliance is a trade association whose members include a number of competing metal roofing manufacturers. As such, we must adhere to some very strict Anti-trust guidelines. Part of those guidelines is that we cannot discuss pricing in an open forum setting such as this Ask the Experts board. Sorry about that. Because of this, I suggest that you use this website to connect to individual manufacturers of products that you like. I am sure that, once you connect direct to them, they can help you obtain the comparative cost guidelines you're seeking. Thanks again. All Best.
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