Metal roof appropriate for mine?

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I have an unusual shaped roof.... birds-eye view shows it to be six sided.... about 900 square ft, low slope. Currently it is covered with roll roofing and is leaking terribly. It has two skylights, a circular vent, and a round chimney. How do I install corrugated roofing panels around these areas... are flanges made that can be used to seal the circular chimney etc and fit the corrugated metal sheet too?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You do have an unusual roof. I think that a lot of this will boil down to the pitcvh of your roof. Most of the metal roof profiles shown on this website require a minimum 3:12 roof pitch. This means that, for every 12' the roof goes back horizontally, it must rise at least 3'. There are some vertical seam roofs which can be used down to 2:12. Less than that and, in order to use a metal roof, you will need to use a field-seamed roof similar to what is used on many large industrial and commercial buildings. As far as the circular roof, I am unawrae of any pre-formed flashings which would be ideal for that. I would probably suggest boxing in around the base of the chimney with some sort of segmented flashing and then using a flexible sealant or flashing between this box and the chimney. Really, I suggest contacting some manufacturers of metal roofs you like direct and talking with them specifically about their products and the suitability for your roof. Check your roof pitch first though. Feel free to also contact me if I can be of further service.
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