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We are replacing an asphalt shingle roof on a lake house that was damaged from hail and would like to use a vertical panel, silver (old-fashioned cottage look)metal roof. Have read a good deal about the products available and it appears that the coated, 26 gauge, or better, steel is the best product for longevity of finish, etc. We like the standing seam look the best, but have also seen many houses roofed with R-panel galvalume and it is quite a bit less expensive. Is there a good quality coated standing seam product out there that doesn't cost twice as much as R-panel, as much as slate? (It doesn't need to last 100 years, or really even 50, but we don't want to go with the old stuff and have rust in a few years, and don't want to paint because we want silver) Any help would be appreciated!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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