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We have a 4:12 standing seam metal roof, distance from ridge to gutter about 10 feet, and last winter had an unusually heavy snow fall--about 3 feet over a few days. Large sections of snow slid off and damaged some gutters. We are planning on installing a snow fence to avoid this in the future. The fences are 10 feet long and 2" high, forming a 42-48-90 triangle. My roof overhang is 2 feet at the soffit and the gable ends. How far from the gutter is the optimum position to install them? Is it best to use two screws per standing seam? At the gable and the valley ends, how far past the last seam should I extend the fence? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I encourage you to obtain this information from the snow fence manufacturer.
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