steve mcilvain
I have a cheaply made 16 year old modular two story Ryland Home with only 7/16" particle board under cheap asphalt shingles.Can i re-roof with metal over existing? or must it be striped?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Hi Steve, Thanks for the question. First of all, if you have any concerns as to whether this decking meets currnet building codes in oyur area, contact your local building inspector. Next, my gut feeling is that, as long as it has not rotted or deteriorated badly over the 16 years, this decking is probably a suitable nailbase for new roofing. When the decking is in question, I like to see some pull tests done with whatever fasteners will be used for the new roofing. These can be pretty easily with a farm scale, a couple of people (with proper safety gear to keep them on the roof), and a pipe put through the farm scale. Generally, I would look for a minimum of 100 pounds of pull-out resistance. Due to its low weight, metal roofing is pretty well suited for going over old shingles. As far as whether you need to install strapping (lathe), that really is a function of what type of metal roofing you choose. Some metal roofs must be installed over something solid, others must be installed on strapping, and still others can be installed either way. Once you locate some metal roofing products you like, inquire with their manufacturers as to proper fastening methods. All best.
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