chimney and pipe flashing

Justin Leavitt
I am putting a metal roof onto a small cottage by the lake. It is 4/12 pitch and needs new sheathing and all. My question is in regards to the flashing of the chimney. The chimney sits on the edge of a valley. I have a lot of experience doing comp roofing but metal is a new thing. How do I flash in the chimney with the valley so close? Is the counterflashing for a chimney? Oh and the chimney is brick. Also, How do you install a pipe flashing?? Thanks for your time.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Flashing methods will be based upon the exact profile of metal roofing being installed. You must obtain instructions from the manufacturer. Generally most manufacturers will suggest making a 1/2" deep sawcut into the chimney about 5 - 6" above and parallele to the roof deck on all sides so that the flashing can be inserted into that. Pipe flashings -- most manufacturers will suggest or even provide a particuloar style of boot for this, such as DekTite for many vertical seam panels or Oatey for some of the modular panels.
Guest User
thanks todd we all know how to cut into the brick. I think its the under over detail he is looking for in the flashing department
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