Sarah Barnhill
I need to get a better understanding of the Energy Star tax credit and how it applies to roofs installed in 2008. It was my understanding that it didn't apply, but then after reading an article written by the president of the MRA, I am confused. In the article, Bill Hippard says "All homeowners who installed an Energy Star labeled prepainted cool metal roof after December 31, 2007 are also able to apply for the tax credit" and "The cool metal roof tax credits, however, are in effect retroactively from December 31, 2007 and through 2009." This doesn't align with anything else I have read. Does the credit apply for roofs installed in 2008?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There was unfortunately some misinformation early on regarding this as the result of the stimulus package signed by President Bush in October 2008. The tax credit does not apply to roofs purchased in 2008.
Guest User
Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case but I thought the issue had been settled before this article was written. This should clear things up though.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You're welcome.
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