Asphalt Shingles over metal roof?

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Hi so me and my husband where looking at this trailer that has been abandoned for two years now. we see it as a little fixer up home. the roof has been leaking for some time now. i was wondering if it is possible to easier fix a metal roof by just putting shingles on it? if not how would i go about this as cost efficient as possible.
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I don't see that as a viable solution. Attaching the shingles will be a problem and there typiclly isn't enough pitch on a moblie home roof for shingles to work. There are coatings available that might give you a few years depending on the condition of what you're working with.
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Also, most of all the mobile homes with metal roofs that we have retrofitted do not have a solid deck under the metal, so fastening shingles to it is out of the question. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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