Standing seam over corrugated roof

jerry ragain
Ihave a building that has a standing seam roof installed over an old corrugated roof. I recently had a heater installed with a roof exhaust vent. They flashed it simply on the outside of top roof (right on top of a ridge seam no less) with a flat metal flashing and gooped it up with sealant. It still leaked and when I looked at it from the attic it lookoed like the rain was running down the corrugated layer and dripping off, right at the high side of the hole. I don't know whether it's coming from 6 inches above the drip( where the flashing was installed) or maybe 16 ft above at the peak of the roof. Some way it is getting to the second layer of roof and running down and dripping out of the newly cut hole. I thought this would be an easy fix and just squirt some great stuff foam between the roof layers on the high side of the hole. (more than the installers did anyway), but it just seemed to make it worse and now I cant tell where the drip is coming from. I'm having a roofer come look at it soon. Does flashing need to be done diffenent when you have two layers of metal roofing? It may have been leaking though to the second layer for years and just running out to the eaves?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is a tough thing to diagnose sight unseen. If you wish, email some pictures of the pipe to me. [email protected] Thanks.
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