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I have a 12/54 1974 mobile home with new vinyl window vinyl siding a pitched roof. The pitch roof was put over top of the old roof which was a tin roof .Recently I discovered I have soft spots in the ceiling along the exterior walls i pulled down one of the ceiling panels and cut open the vapour barrior and took out the insulation and notice that there was condensation on the tin how can I fix this problem any advise appreciated
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like you need ventilation.
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How does one provide for that ventilation? I am experiencing the same issue. I have a mobile home with a tin roof (non-pitch - built in 1982). The pitch roof was built over the top of the existing roof - my ceilings were leaking, so I took down the ceiling and the insulation. The inside tin beaded up significantly with large droplets of moisture - the top of the 'old'roof was completely dry! This occurred during the Winter months in Central New York. Thank-you for any assistance you can provide.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You will need to build a new roof over the old roof and then vent the resulting chamber with soffit vents and ridge vent I believe.
Aaron Scurlock
The Best in Polymer Roofing Soutions
If ridge an soffit vents are not viable, then gable vents with adequate powered exhaust ventilation should do the trick.
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