I am looking for the best construction contractors.

Thomas desuga
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good resource to find contractors? I have been looking online and all I have seen are sites where you have to describe the job then wait to get called from a contractor or if I find a directory type of site there is a limited number of contractors in my area, but I know there are many more. I am trying to build my first house and I was planning on hiring all the contractors so I need a good resource to find them. Something with reviews and article would also be very beneficial, please let me know if anyone knows of a good place to look.
justin moore
Have a nice day...
Best of luck to you building your first house, it’s an adventure. I would recommend talking to your neighbors and friends and see if they know any contractors they worked with in the past. Since I’m sure you already did that you should try http://www.jobtrio.com/ I found that they have a very easy to use search. They have the biggest list of contractors I have seen to date, plus you can write reviews and read their articles.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Have you tried the Find A Contractor section of this website?
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