Metal roof installation on new home with sealed attic

Hudson Smith
We are in the planning stages of a Texas Victorian home in Central Texas. For energy efficiency, the attic will be sealed. The underside of the roof will be sprayed with Icynene spray foam insulation. We would like to have metal roof on this house. There will be no soffit or ridge vents for the attic. The experts now say this is the way to go in our climate. Now I've been researching metal roofs. We like the look and other benefits, but reading about the sweating and need for breathing under the metal makes me wonder how to construct the roof? Should the roof be decked with OSB like builders normally do? Then can the metal roof be placed on that like asphalt shingles normally are? I feel like this is the best time to ask, while the home only exists on paper. Thanks for any enlightenment.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The construction method you are choosing, while still rather unusual, is of sound pricipal and works and metal does not offer any extra challenge for it. Yes, I would put down plywood and underlayment before the metal roof. That way, if the metal roof ever needs to be replaced, you can do so without disturbing the insulation.
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