Tim Guest
Hello...I have a roof with trusses at 16" centers c/w 3/8 plywood. I'm looking at a 16" width (concealed screw) metal profile. The manufacturer suggests no less than 5/8 plywood.I was wondering if i install the metal so that a hit the screw center of the truss I could get away with the 3/8 plywood?The manufacturer suggests 12" center fastening up this metal profile and I would be willing to screw every 6" if needed. Thanks for any suggestions Tim
Guest User
Tim, The 5/8" plywood is the manufacturer's minimum recommendations for wind uplift. You can put 1x4 lathe over your decking to have more wood to put the screws into or you could just put it on like it is. We put a lot of metal on 1/2" OSB (which I don't like), but that's what the builders have installed and they have to stand behind it. I would think that 3/8" plywood probably has as much holding power as 1/2" OSB but ultimately it is up to you. [email protected]
Guest User
It would be very difficult to only hit the rafters.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I think it is critical that the roof be installed per manufacturer testing abd specifications
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