Shawn Titus
I do facilities work at a camp and we need a new roof on our lodge. The roof is about 80 square and is very simple. There is a small cricket at a chimney, some roof vents, and a kitchen exhaust fan, but otherwise it is a simple gable roof. It is 3/12 pitch with shingles on it now, which leak. I have done a metal roof on a small cabin which worked out nice. Am I crazy to do this installation myself (with some helpers)? Thanks
Nate Libbey
You'll probably get some disagreement on this, but here goes. It depends. First of all it depends on the product. Some metal roofing is easier to install than others. Some manufacturers warranties are voided if the roofing isn't installed by a professional roofer. Another thing here is that your roof isn't a small one. 80 SQ can take some time to install. So the question there is how much your time is worth vs. paying a professional. If you have some construction experience, that will definately be a plus. With your roof, the metal roofing panels (or metal shingles) will probably be the easy part. The tricky part will be the chimney and the exhaust vent. These require special trim pieces and installation methods (depending on the product). If you do it yourself, make sure that the manufacturer provides complete installation details, then follow them carefully. Call your supplier and make sure they don't have a problem answering any questions that may come up. With your 3:12 pitch roof, I would reccomend installing a synthetic underlayment on the entire surface, as well as consider installing a peel and stick ice and water shield at the eaves, gables, and around the roof penetrations (chimney, vents, etc..)
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I agree with Nate
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