Flashing between roof & gutter

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Currently my girlfriend has a deck which she wants me to put a colourbond roof onto. The rafters are attached to the fascia right under the existing guttering and there's no room to slide the roofing sheets under the gutter. Just as a tmeporary solution until she can build a new deck, can I butt the roofing up to the gutter and install some sort of flashing over the gutter and onto the roof to prevent water leaking between the two?
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If you sent me a picture, and identified the area of concern I may be able to help you! I would recommend removing the gutter, install the roof, and either re-install the gutter, or just get rid of it! There are surely sheet metal shops in your area that can re-manufacture the gutter smaller to fit, or just make a all new gutter than will use the seams to hold in up, and fasten it into place with self tapping screws. leave a new request for info, and I will provide my email address
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks John.
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