Roof Flashing Installation for a Wood Stove

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We recently had a roofing company out to install a flashing so we could proceed with the installation of a wood stove. It looks to me like the roofer has installed the wrong pitch flashing or, can the flashing that was used be cut differently to fit a 12/12 pitch. We are just looking for a little expert advice, if its been done properly that’s great, we can go ahead an feel confident with the install. If not then we’d like to get things rectified before any damage is done to the house. Thanks for your time. Jay Meyer V.P. Operations Hearth & Home FPS 403.258.3732
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I dont know if its wrong but I normally use a heat rated pipe boot in that case, which would be orange in color. I see black sealant, normally we use clear tripolymer. Some sealants arent designed to work with the steel and their paint systems. It is the right style boot, but why they cut the boot to expose the fastners underneath ill never know.Bottom line from my desk its looks like a 50/50 shot
Nate Libbey
This pipe boot may be the correct one to use. There are two types of pipe boots like this: EPDM and Silicone. The pipe in the picture apears to be EPDM. EPDM is rated for intermediate temeratures up to 275 degrees, or continuous temperatures up to 212 degrees. If your pipe is a double wall pipe, then the EPDM may work fine. (verify the kind of heat the outside is expected to get.) If your pipe is a single wall pipe, you may want to consider the Silicone pipe boot (generally orange in color as dlc mentioned). These silicone pipe boots are rated for intermediate temeratures up to 500 degrees, or continuous temperatures up to 437 degrees. As far as cutting the pipe boot around the fasteners, it looks like they did it to make it seal tight, although I'm not sure that what they did would be considered correct practice. One thing that does worry me is the fact that the top of the pipe boot doesn't apear to be sealed to the pipe very well.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out guys. Your information was great and really helpful. Its nice to know you can get expert advice like this from the guys tha do it. Thanks Again Jay
Nate Libbey
Glad to be of help!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks all
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the silicone boot is rated for high temp. We want to install this on a 12 in stove pipe single wall for a maple syrup stove. How do I know if 500 degree rating is going to hold up and not melt. I am not sure how hot a single wall 12 in stove pipe will get around the silicone boot seal. What do you recommend?
Eric Novotny
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I would consider converting that flue vent to a B-Vent double wall pipe. No pipe collar that I know of is going to like long term 500 degree temps.
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