Using aluminum backed ceiling tile as insulation underneath metal panel roofing system?

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I have access to a special type of 2' x 2' commercial ceiling tile for free and was consdiering installing it under the roof decking in the attic. It has a reflective aluminum layer which is what I found appealing about possibly using it. I'm not sure what office-grade ceiling tile is made of and don't want to introduce a mold conducive material if that is the case. I have a pitched metal roof. The metal panels are were installed over 2 layers of roofing paper on top of a 3/4" inch plywood decking. The air is very dry in NM so not too concerned about humidity. Not sure if this is good idea or I'm asking for problems. Thank you for your time and effort.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Can you leave a vented gap between the insulation and your roof deck?
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