Moisture, Insulation, and noise barrier

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Ok, we are trying to end a debate before installing a double lock .26g mechanical seamed roof OVER 2 layers of shingles in good condition over 1/2" CDX plywood also in good condition with no leaks. I say, Keep the roof "green" by keeping the shingles, installing a vapor barrier(Feltex) over the shingles, then install a 1/4" fanfold insulation board before installing the panels. the new roof will be vented with a ridge vent, and soffit ventilation. Why so green?? Major amounts of accorns dropping from 30+ feet above. I think the fan fold foam will absorb the blow, save the panels, quite down the roof, and keep the shingles from telegraph through. Our installers think the roof will "sweat"because of the insulatio and be too "springee". I have ready everything everywhere I can.. The roof is solid and intact, Is my logic flawed or is this a great way to save the owners money and keep the job green! Please comment [email protected]
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I think that your suggested construction is okay.
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