marcie scalfani
Hi, I had a new metal roof put on my home They took off the shingles and put ice water and shield underneath the roof. It"s a double wide manufactured home and has a low pitch, They extended the metal about two inchs over the sofits. The edge of the metal is the same as the rest of the roof. It"s not a strait edge. The contracter says it"s called a fancy edge. This summer when it rained it came out in spurts, looked weird. The problem is the snow didn"t slide all the way off so I have packs of ice on the edges. I am scared because their is so much snow up there as well. Should I have it shoveled off. The man across the way has the same pitch on his roof and the snow is gone. Could you help me. i would really appreciate it. Thank You , Marcie
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
At this point, I would let nature take its course for now ... the snow will come down eventually. Can you send me pictures of the roof someday so I can maybe provide some input? [email protected]
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