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I recently purchased a house that does not have a drip edge. A roofing contractor expalined that the roof did not need one due to the way the siding was installed. He said the shingles was sealed to the siding. Is this an acceptable practice in roofing?
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Chad, If you have a decent overhang on your shingle roof-say 3/4 of an inch and a good slope-6/12 or more, you are probably okay. I don't like it but maybe okay. Some times a siding installer does not make a separate metal edge. Instead, he puts a break in his facial metal and it turns up under the shingles acting as a metal edge. If that is the cause, you are okay. If that is not the case, I would want a metal edge. You can get a siding installer to make you a metal edge to match your fascia. One more thing, on roofs like yours, in a drizzling rain where the water just drips off of a house, not running, I have observed the water weeping up hill and getting under the shingles at the edge. [email protected]
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