bruce nutting
I have a cook station on the outside wall of my home, I installed a exhaust fan/light over the grill that goes up through the soffit then through the plywood/shingle roof. I originally used a 4" flashing by Oatley but 4" was not large enough for the flow of smoke/heat on the grill. The range hood has a 7" exhaust hole and I have a 7" exhaust pipe ready to go, but cannot find a 7" flashing at all. My roof pitch is 4/12 and I would like to run the 7" exhaust pipe at least 36" above the shingles for better ventilation.
Guest User
Bruce, You should be able to buy the flashing you need at a home improvement store. If you can't get one there them a fireplace shop will have one. Just be sure to get the right diameter, they come in several different sizes--all the way up to 18" in diameter.
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