Barb Rozell
I added on to my mobile home the full length. The add-on is 16X66 foot. All is fully covered with metal. Two years ago we had a horrible ice storm with temperatures not climbing for several days. When the temperature did rise the Metal started to “sweat” then drip. We did not have any insulation against the metal. The metal was screwed directly to the rafters. When I realized that the roof was sweating I inserted an attic fan to pull air through the attic. I also had the metal taken off and laid some rolled insulation down ( at the metal company’s suggestion) and put the metal back on. It still sweats. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this fixed? It is leaking through the sheet rock ceilings.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Condernsation occurs when warm moist air hits a cool surface. You eliminate this through a combination usually of a vapor barrier to reduce moisture migration form the home into the attic, insulation to stop transfer of warmth, and ventilation to vent out any heat or moisture that do get through.
Barb Rozell
We had blown insulation put into the attic space both on the trailer and the addition. We installed the rolled insulation directly under the metal. What kind of vapor barrier is available to stop the moisture?
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