New metal roof installed and it looks like rent a drunks installed it

deidra gardner
My husband and I just had a company install a metal roof on our home. It looks like "rent a drunks our us" installed it. We payed them $5760 up front and now that they are done and wanting the rest of the payment before they even give up a warrenty or anything else in writing. They say they will mail this stuff to us since we are out of town. (We do live out in the country) Now I don't think we were looking for the cheap way out at $12,000 for a new metal roof. I can send you photo's of this botch job that they seem to think is a good job. Now my biggest worry is my insurance company is going to drop us the second they come out to take photos and see what a mess this is. I have contacted a lawyer and a former city building inspecter that is a family friend to come out and take a look see. But what kind of recourse do we really have on this mess? Duped in Oklahoma
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well lets see the pics so far this is a one sided story. Did you get rferences from past customers?
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A bad install reflects bad on our industry. It does happen though. dlc had a good question. Did you get references? Was the contractor recommended by a manufacturer? Also add photos of the problem areas. As for your insurance company. If they are paying a portion of the roofing cost, they will require that the install be correct before final payoff. Now let’s slow down for a moment. Before you go and get an attorney, ask for an independent roof inspection. Then ask for a mediator. If you are already out a lot of money, this is the best way to go. In many cases, questionable roofing companies will fold at the first sign of trouble. This will not help you. You may also be able to contact the roofing manufacturer to get their input on the install. If it is fixable, the manufacturer will know what to do. Next, I would recommend that you do not pay the final costs without getting a warranty from the contractor and/or the manufacturer. You need this paperwork. Sorry for your problems. I am in south/western Missouri if I can be of assistance let me know. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Have you contacted the manufacturer of your roofing to see if they have any suggestions or input?
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